Mixed Media
2020 — present


forms a shifting landscape. 

Settling on things it musn't, shouldn't, couldn't, should've, could've and must have.

It can be understood as a collection of particles: an epicenter for experimental energy.  Dust forms a shifting landscape. It travels, transforms and and takes the forms which it settles on. But is also a game played between gravitation, wind, matter, time and the surface. It is made up of strong forces, it travels and takes the form which it settles on

I'm thinking with my eyes closed what are my wishes? First I want to build community.
I want to exchange stories
I want to listen and listen again.

and we share our only wealth, time,
Let's trade our time
Be present,
I wish to work daily with uncertainty, the uncertainty is a provocation, a food to go further
Our temporality is uncertainty, therefore, we can do everything we want as long as we are honest with what we want.
We have to create our own language, which is born from the need to build together.

Listen to our temporality, be attentive, available, permeable, open

Create a space for others, to meet strangers,
A space to watch, assist, help, cooperate
I wish it was an open space
That constantly regenerates,
a place of experimentation
place to play
so that ??? can appear