2020 — present


     was formed in 2020 by Tom Oliver Jacobson, Pankaj Tiwari, Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero and Agat Sharma.

In 2021 it was taken over by Tom Oliver Jacobson who now runs it in collaboration with an ever-shifting group of collaborators.  


I'm thinking with my eyes closed what are my wishes?
First I want to build community.
I want to exchange stories
I want to listen and listen again.

     is a fluctuating, collaborative institute, that has vowed to be only what is needed in this precise moment: A pop group, a residency, a production house, a series of dinners, a temporary school. It aims to build both practices and knowledge that can help navigate in an unsettling and uncertain world of art and beyond. 

Listen to our temporality, be attentive, available, permeable, open

Create a space for others, to meet strangers,
A space to watch, assist, help, cooperate

     can be understood as a collection of particles: an epicenter for experimental energy.  Dust forms a shifting landscape. It travels, transforms and and takes the forms which it settles on.

We have to create our own language, which is born from the need to build together.